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Notes from the XPManchester Retrospective – 2011/06/09

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Last month at XP Manchester’s birthday*, we held a retrospective on our first year’s progress.

Some of the points:

Marketing – We suck at it.

A little more information on the posts, the time and date, also possibly cross post on other google groups when there may be a similar interest.

And this month hasn’t been much better, consider hiring @JohnnoNolan as our PR Executive.

Catering for all levels

Catering for all levels – a pre-warning of the expected level of the session (beginner, intermediate, advanced) XPMan covers all skill ranges, try to be inclusive, provide some suggested background material to hit the ground running.

Try to assign pairs so that beginners are matched with someone experienced.

More Retrospectives

At the end of every session, post the feedback online so those leading future sessions can learn from them as well.

Ideas for sessions

There were plenty of ideas for future sessions, with so many, we thought it would be a good idea if they were placed in a backlog and voted for.

Code surgeries
War stories
Kanban, Lean and the Toyota Production System
Non-coding disciplines
design patterns
Upfront architecture vs emergent design
The Anti-if campaign
Bot tournaments

Possibility of recording sessions

For those that could not make it that month. The recordings may also help others find out about the group and see what it’s like before coming. But only if the videos are of a sufficient quality, poor recordings may have a negative impact.

Revisit older sessions

New members felt like they missed valuable talks before they found out about the group, older members also liked the idea of brushing back up on the topics, or covering the material again at a deeper level.

Mixing talks and practicals

Most felt the practical sessions were the most enjoyable and worthwhile, at the same time acknowledging that traditional presentations had their place and were certainly useful. Ensuring that there’s a practical element to each session

Write things up sooner so the author doesn’t forget most of it

Yeah, my bad.

* The cake was a lie


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July 7, 2011 at 8:59 pm

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