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XPManchester 13th October 2011: TDD – No Code Required!

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This month’s XPManchester is brought to you by @kipper_t. He will be presenting a session getting to the very basic principles of Test Driven Development. This will involve practical exercises, but no code required. Kevin’s synopsis below:

See you at 6:30pm at Madlab


In the nature of taking things to the extreme, this is a bare bones look at the workings of TDD. Removing the code can provide an in depth look into the capabilities of TDDwithout distractions of setting up the environment. In order to remove the code some knowledge of Activity/Flow diagrams is required (We can have a quick recap right at the start). We will focus on the 5 core steps as adapted from Kent Becks book, Test Driven Development: by example, and work through a simple Kata.

The purpose of the session is not to result in something which can be purely represented within code, although that may be a symptom. The purpose is to examine the challenge of choosing the first test and how to evolve a problem and achieve emergent solution in an efficient and logical manner.

All required materials (pen and paper) will be provided in the form of ball point pens and a chunk of paper with suitable recycling provided afterwards.

The structure of the session will be as follows:

Brief introduction
Recap of Activity diagrams
Overview of the 5 steps to be followed
Short pre-worked examples
A series of Pair Programmed sessions to develop and redevelop a kata(TBC)
A retrospect to determine how the sessions went and the effectiveness of removing the code aspect


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October 4, 2011 at 9:27 pm

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