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#xpman 97 – Lightning Talks

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Our annual Lightning talks session is here again. We have six confirmed speakers.

  1. Gemma Cameron – DDD Europe Round up
  2. Clare Sudbery (presenting remotely from London) – How Pairing Saved My Code Base
    Synopsis – Clare has been working on an iOS app for eighteen months now. It’s a personal project, and the key source of motivation is that the app itself is a game which she enjoys playing. This is both a blessing and a curse. She has been the developer, the QA, the BA, the project manager, the product owner, the major stakeholder and the end user. She is a demanding user: she wants new features and she wants them NOW. She has no sympathy for herself as a developer and frequently puts pressure on herself to prioritise delivery over code quality. When she stopped writing tests, she knew something had to change. So she brought Sal Freudenberg on board as equal partner, and now she’s behaving herself again. This is a description of the journey she and Sal are on.
  3. Mashooq Badar – Material Focus
    Synopsis – Every craft has a relevant set of materials. A deep understanding of those materials is absolutely necessary to their work. What are the relevant materials to our craft and how do we use Material Focus to guide our work?
  4. Dr Eleanor Mollett – Estimation for people who hate estimating
    Synopsis – I’ve never been a fan of estimating and have avoided it as much as I can. I now have a need to use estimates, here is how I do it in the quickest and least painful way possible” I think I can get it down to 10 minutes if you are pushed for time, but I’m still putting it together so can fit it to whatever your limit is
  5. John Nicholas – Leeroy Driven Development
    Synopsis – Automating all the way to production in a cool, measured and calm manner that actually looks like a giant shit show.
  6. Andy Lowry – Why can’t we just build websites?
    Synopsis – So you think testing web development is hard? Yeah, so did I! Little did I know how good we had it. I’ll give a whistle stop tour of some of the fun of beinga developer in an IoT Startup


Grab a ticket

As usual, we are open from 6:30 for a 7pm start, but we’re not at our old Madlab home, we’re now at PLANT NOMA


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July 4, 2018 at 7:22 pm

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