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#xpman 68 – Bringing User Stories to Life, with @ruby_gem

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As a manager
I want to manage
So I can manage things

If you’ve ever seen (and despaired) about user stories similar to the above, you must’ve thought, “what’s the point?”. There must be a better way to share ideas than this…

Well there is! And Gemma Cameron is here to show us how.

Bring some of your own user stories to this session and we will transform them into rich, vibrant expressions that more effectively communicate the true value and benefits of your product.
Please bring a laptop to this workshop.

Grab a ticket

At Madlab, from 6:30

Written by Mark Kirschstein

February 3, 2016 at 6:30 pm

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#Xpman 67 – the Saff Squeeze

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The saff squeeze was introduced by Kent Beck as a means of hunting down bugs using tests instead of the debugger.

It is a divide and conquer technique that makes bug squishing more methodical and creates a suite of tests as a by product. Bonus!

After a brief demonstration of the process, we will have a go ourselves in randori / mob programming fashion, laptops may be useful if we need to split into a few groups.

Battleships Prize Giveaway

As part of the evening we will be running the bot challenge and announcing the winner(s). There is still time to enter, more details in the original blog post. (You can still enter even if you can’t make Thursday’s session)


Madlab from 6:30

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Written by Mark Kirschstein

January 7, 2016 at 9:47 pm

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Xmas Holidays Bot Tournament – Sponsored by LateRooms

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We’re running another beat the bots tournament over the Christmas holidays this year. We also have sponsorship from Laterooms engineering department in the form of Amazon vouchers for the winner.

Rules and API:

The beat the bots website has a few basic opponents for you to test out your strategies.

To register for the main tournament, email me  (markkirschstein -at- gmail -dot- com) with your botname and its URL.

The tournament will be run and the winner decided at the January meetup.

Have fun, and Merry Christmas!

Written by Mark Kirschstein

December 24, 2015 at 7:06 pm

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#xpman 66, December 10th – Xmas Kata

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For our final meeting of 2015 we’ll be taking on a light hearted xmas-themed kata, eating the odd mince pie and drinking the odd drink.

We will be trying to ensure there are refreshments available for the attendees, so please grab an appropriate ticket so we can cater for numbers. If you think it’s unlikely that you will be able to attend please let us know, or cancel your ticket ASAP.

As a follow on from last month’s meetup, depending on exact numbers, we may break into a few mobs to have a stab at the kata.

Get your ticket here

Madlab from 6:30, starting at 7pm

Written by Mark Kirschstein

December 8, 2015 at 2:45 pm

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#xpman November 12th – Mobbing eXPerience report

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This month we have a two part session: firstly an experience report from Advanced Legal’s Team Kraken, followed by a couple of lightening talks.

Inspired by a Woody Zuill video, Team Kraken at Advanced Legal decided to give it a go for a day or so. That was in August and they’re still going. This session explores how they have adapted as a team to mobbing, what they’ve learned and why they want to keep on mobbing.

The second part will be a couple of lightening talks to be confirmed nearer the time. If you’re interested in talking tweet us or email.

Get your ticket here. Doors open at half 6. Start at 7pm.

Written by James Jeffries

October 30, 2015 at 9:19 am

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#xpman xl5 03/10/15 – We Have Prizes!

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Our 5th full day event is fast approaching. Hosted at the awesome AutoTrader offices in central Manchester we’re looking forward to another hectic bot/AI challenge on the 3rd of October.

Unlike previous years we’re lucky to have some prizes for the winning team (one per person) that have been kindly donated by Zuhlke Engineering who have recently opened a new office in Manchester.

This year the challenge is a twist on the classic two-player game Battleships. The full details of the game won’t be released until the day to keep things fair. The game is all played over HTTP, so every programming is welcome (and encouraged!)

The day opens at 9:30 (starting at 10:00) and runs until 17:00. To do well you’ll need to fully embrace the XP Practice of “Release early, release often”. It’s a hectic day, but lots of fun. Think of it as a nice warm up for HackManchester. :)

There are still a handful of tickets left if you fancy it, and they’re free. But you must get a ticket if you’re coming. AutoTrader need a list of names of attendees, and we need to know how much food and drink to get

Written by Mark Kirschstein

September 29, 2015 at 4:29 pm

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October 8th – #xpman 64 – A Practical With Ups and Downs: The Mind-bending Lift Kata

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This month we will be doing a practical session so bring a laptop. There will be people around (or in the pub from 6.30pm and we will be starting at 7pm. Get a ticket here so we know roughly how many to expect.
The lift kata sounds simple: “a lift responds to calls containing a source floor and direction, and delivers passengers to requested floors” (http://blog.milesburton.com/2013/03/28/elevator-kata-mind-bending-pairing-exercise/). But it doesn’t take long before you find yourself asking many questions:
* How do you model the fact that events need to happen in a particular order?
* Should you start with one lift or several?
* Can the lifts be independent operators, or do you need some kind of over-arching lift manager?
* Can you write the tests without introducing some kind of time / scheduling element?
* Should lift efficiency be measured with respect to average client wait time, or how much energy is used?
* Should the lifts be the old-fashioned kind that don’t know which floor you’re visiting until you enter the lift, or should users be given control panels into which they can enter their destination floor?
It can keep you busy for hours at a time, but in this exercise we will focus on just one or two key concepts. Hopefully people will be inspired to take it away with them and keep working on it – then we can all compare notes.
This kata will be delivered by @ClareSudbery, who has been working on this kata sporadically for the last few weeks, and has written a blog post about it here: http://engineering.laterooms.com/making-tests-readable/

Written by James Jeffries

September 28, 2015 at 6:46 am

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